Morphe 350 Palette Review. 

 Hey there beauties! If your returning thank you so much for coming back. If your new to my blog, welcome! Today I’m giving you a review on the infamous Morphe 350 eyeshadow palette. This palette has been out for some time now so I’m sure that many of you have it already, however I really wanted it. So for my birthday my wonderful grandmother bought it for me. 

The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging. When you get your palette in the mail it comes in a box filled with those little packaging things so the item doesn’t become damaged. I was so happy see this because it shows that company cares about your product, and wants to make sure you recieve it in perfect condition! 

When I first heard of this palette I noticed that most of the shades are warm shades, some matte and some shimmery. I love that because I’m more of a neutrals kind of girl. I am not a huge fan of bright colors. Another thing that I loved was how it came with 30 different eyeshadow shades. I recommend this to anyone who is starting out with makeup because there is so many different colors to work with. That means that you can create various looks with just one eyeshadow palette! This is especially good for people on a budget. 

Now let’s talk about the eyeshadow application. These eyeshadows are literally so soft that the blending process is cut down in half compared to other eyeshadows. They go exactly where you want them to and blend very easily. I also love how these eyeshadows are very buildable. I noticed that with these, the more you build , the more intense  the color and who doesn’t love high pigmentation? When it comes to eyeshadows that is my number one rule! It must have great pigmentation! 

I could continue to go on and on about this amazing palette but I won’t ! If any of you would like to see me using this palette in action, on video then click HERE!!!! to watch my latest YouTube video! I recorded a fall inspired makeup look ft the Morphe 350 palette ! 

Overall : I love this palette ! It has so many different shades to create various looks, and the pigmentation is amazing ! I would definitely recommend this palette, especially for beginners! 

Thank you all so much for reading today and if you enjoyed I really hope that you follow and stay tuned for my next post! 

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How to Apply light Lipsticks for Medium to Dark Skin Tones ! 

Hey there beauties and welcome back! Today I want to give you all some tips on applying lipstick on darker skin tones. I know when I first started with makeup I struggled so much with finding lipsticks that looked good on me. I just had to stay away from pinks, and certain nude colors, but what fun is that? Now that I know how to work with those kinds of colors , nude shades are one of my favorites. 

I have a medium brown skin tone so things like pinks, nudes and muaves look to bright on me, and they tend to make my makeup look sort of washed out. I literally have one trick that changed the way those colors look on me and i will never turn back from this. 

What I like to do is pick out my lipstick and see how bright it is on me right before applying. I do this by simply swatching the lipstick on the back of my hand. This helps me determine what shade of brown lip liner to go in with. 

So to darken the color of my lipstick I like to take a brown lip liner which is kind of close to my complexion. When doing this technique I feel like it’s better to use a creamy lip liner because it will make the blending easier for you. After choosing a brown lip liner I begin to line my lips with that. If the color of the lipstick is way to light for me like baby pink I will take a darker brown lip liner and line my lips. Then I will lightly fill in the center of my top and bottom lips. Then I take the lipstick of my choice and I ONLY fill in the center of lips. After that I like to blend out the lip liner and the lipstick. 

This technique will still give you the color of the lipstick but it will make it so that it isn’t as bright and vibrant so it suits your skin tone. Doing this has changed for sure changed the lipstick game for me. I can now get the pretty bright colors and even the nice nudes and it will look great! 

I really encourage you ladies that have medium to deeper skin tones to try this out! Thank you all for reading today and if you enjoyed stay tuned for more beauty post from me. 

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Elf Eyeshadow Primer Review!

Hey beauties and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a review for you on the Elf cosmetics eyeshadow primer. 

If you aren’t familiar with eyeshadow primer, it’s just a product that helps your eyeshadow last longer and it makes the colors really pop. I have always used my concealer as a base which keeps my shadows on all day,how ever it doesn’t really make the colors pop. So I took a trip to the beloved Target a few weeks ago and picked up some Elf goodies. I came across this eyeshadow primer for only $2.00 so of course I had to grab it! I am all about beauty on a budget! 

This product is packaged so you can see the product and it’s easy to open. Target had this in 2 different colors, the color sheer and the color pearl. Sheer is more of a flesh tone color while pearl is more of a clear color. I decided to get it in the shade sheer to give my lid some color to really make my eyeshadows pop! The first thing I did when I got this was swatched it as I always do. To be honest I was a bit surprised about the consistency. It came out a bit clumpy but I was able to blend it out very easily. It has a sort of thin yet creamy formula which is very different. I do like the formula because it gives me a lightweight finish so my eyes literally feel like I’m not wearing a base, and I absolutely love that. 

When I’m priming my eyes weather a base or concealer I like to set my eyes with a powder so I prevent the base from creasing. You can set with a flesh tone face powder, a flesh tone eyeshadow or a translucent powder. I like to use an eyeshadow. Another reason that I set with powder is to make blending easier. When the base is drying it tends to become a struggle trying to blend shadows on top because it isn’t set. 

The times that i used this product I made sure to use bright eyeshadows to really put it to the test. Right away I noticed that even my transition color showed up more vibrant than usual! The colors came off so pretty and you could really see them. I would do my makeup around 1:00 pm and wear it until around 9:00 pm. Every time I went to take off my makeup I noticed my eyeshadows were still so vibrant and girl, they did not crease which actually surprised me. I honestly didn’t expect to much out of this product, however Elf is a brand I like so I shouldn’t have doubted them. 

Overall : this product is good especially for its price. I encourage you all to try it and see how you like it ! If you don’t, at least it was only 2 dollars! 

Thank you all for taking time out today to read my post! If you enjoyed please stay tuned for more by following my blog via email or WordPress! 

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Elf Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set Review! 

Hey beauties and welcome back! Today I want to give you all a review on the Elf Setting Spray! When I try products I am always so eager to use them and tell you guys what I thought about it, weather good or bad. This was the first setting spray that I have tried and let me just say, it makes me believe that setting spray is a must! 

I actually purchased this product a couple months ago and I got it by the counter at Old Navy! Yes , old navy and it was about 5 or 6 dollars. When I first saw this I was excited because I love the brand Elf and I wanted to try out a setting spray. The packaging for this product is so sleek. It comes in a little black spray bottle with all the information on the front of the bottle. When you spray it, it comes out like a mist rather than a direct spray. I like that better because it tends to cover more of my face rather than spraying one spot. 

I have been using this for some time now to determine if I really liked it. Now that it’s super hot outside I was really able to put the product to the test. I like to spray this before I apply my foundation because it gives my skin a slight sheen which I love for the summertime. I also apply this when my makeup is completely finished to set my face so it doesn’t go anywhere! This spray leaves a glowy sheen to your face and I honestly prefer that then having a mattifying setting spray. I have noticed that when it’s super hot outside I do sweat but when I use this spray my makeup does not move anywhere! Another thing that I love about this spray is that it has aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A,C and E. Anything that I use always gets a plus if it’s good for my skin. 

Overall : this product is amazing! It keeps my makeup put even on the hottest days! I am obsessed and will repurchase! 

If anyone is interested you can find the setting spray Here!

Thank you all for reading today and stay tuned for more beauty post from me ! 

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My Beauty Wishlist! 

Hey beauties and welcome back! Lately l haven’t been posting because life has been crazy for me right now. However I can’t go to long without blogging! Can you all believe that we only have one more month of summer? August is right around the corner and that means so is my 21st birthday! Today I’m going to show you all my birthday beauty Wishlist! 

First let me start off by saying I have never owned high end makeup simply because it’s way to expensive for me! However there are so many high end products that I would love to try so let’s get into it!

Morphe 350 Palette ! 

Ever since i saw this product all over YouTube I wanted it so bad. It comes with 30 warm eyeshadow shades that are beyond beautiful! I prefer warm colors rather than bright colorful colors. This palette has the perfect transition shades and they are so pigmented from what I have seen. You cannot go wrong with 30 pigmented beautiful eyeshadows all in one palette for $22.99. This palette is so popular that it’s always sold out and they give you a customer limit! I don’t have any really good shadows and this gives you so many colors for so many different looks! If anyone is interested in this product you can find it Here!

Morphe 15 Peice Vegan Pro Brush Set :Set 697 

What’s good makeup without good tools right? Well I currently use my studio 35 beauty blending sponge and I love it. However there are some things that I wish I had a good brush set for! I do want to try this particular set because it comes with eye and face brushes that are all vegan. Morphe is known for their fantastic brushes so why wouldn’t I want to try them? If anyone is interested In checking them out you can find them Here!

Laura Mercier Translucent loose Setting Powder 

Ever since I saw this setting powder I wanted it. Since I have a medium brown skin tone most setting powders can make me look ashy. I like to use them mainly under my eyes so that my concealer doesn’t crease and anywhere else I used concealer to highlight. I have watched a number of tutorials where this powder looks like it just gets it done! It always look so beautiful in pictures with no flashback of course. The finish looks absolutely flawless, so much that I think it just may be worth the money! If anyone is interested in this you can find it Here!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit 

One of my most favorite parts of doing my makeup is my highlight! When your full face is done I really feel like your highlight makes everything look set. I like this paticular Kit because it comes with 4 different highlighting shades. I also love how the colors look very suitable for a variety of skin tones! I have heard great reviews on this product and the glow looks amazing in pictures! Get your glow on girl ! If anyone is interested you can find this product Here!

These items are of course a bit pricey but I would love to try every single one of them eventually! Thank you all for reading today and stay tuned for more beauty post from me ! 

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Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream Review ! 

Hey beauties and welcome back to another post by me. In the summertime I like to wear tank tops and shorts but in order to do that all of my body hair needs to be gone. I started to shave around the age of fifteen and to be honest,  I hated it! I would always get nervous when it was time to shave. I would prick myself and that was the worst. It hurt and burn and up until twenty years old I wished there was another way to get rid of my hair. I tried nair because I didn’t have to shave but I could get rid of my hair. Unfortunately though nair didn’t really work for me. I still had hair on my legs and armpits,so I went back to shaving. 

Then I came across Veet on YouTube. I thought that it was similar to nair, but I gave it a try anyway because I hate shaving and let’s face it Youtube is life! I picked this product up from Family Dollar for about $8.00. At first the price seemed so steep for a product so similar to a product I hated, however I got it and I am so happy I found this product.

This product comes in a pink tube that you can squeeze the contents out of. I got the sensitive formula with Aloe Vera in it because that’s more gentle. When I first opened it I noticed the smell. This definitely does not smell good at all. It’s called gel cream however the consistency is more like a weird lotion. The directions tell you to apply but not rub it in. You can leave this on from 5 to 10 minutes then remove it with a warm rag. It’s better to use a rag because of the texture. The rough texture helps to remove the cream and any left over hair. When I’m finished I like to get straight in the shower to wash everything completely off including that smell! 

This claims to give you smoothness that lasts up to 2 times longer than shaving and that is definitely true! After using this my hair took about 2 weeks to grow back. Usually when I shave my hair comes back within a week.  This product is so simple to do and it’s 100 percent better than shaving! It basically does ref hardwork for you! It’s all about your personal preference but I prefer not using anything sharp! 

Overall : this product is amazing ! I absolutely love it. It’s so easy and the results are phenomenal! I recommend this to anyone that hates shaving! 

If any of you are interested in this product you can check it out Here! this one is different packaging but same exact product ! 

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more beauty post from me ! 

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Some Great Deals ! 

Hey beauties! Today I wanted to bring you a couple of great deals ! This is not a sponsored post however I am now affiliated with these brands! DodoLashes , Pixie Beauty and Nume! 

Dodolashes is a lash company that sells mink lashes only for $5.00. Yes , and they are so beautiful! They have a variety of styles from natural to dramatic. Pixie Beauty is a brand that sells a variety of cosmetics! Things from eyeliner and mascara to cleansers. Nume has high quality hair tools. Things like flat irons and curling wands! 

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The final deal I have for you is for Nume! Their Silhouette Ceramic Flat Iron (straightener) usually retails for $139.00! Yes you’re thinking what I’m thinking! That’s a lot! But with this code you can get it for only $49.00 AND you get a free gift and free U.S shipping! The free gift if Nume’s hair wrap which is microfiber and made to dry hair 80% faster! This hair wrap retails for $19.99. Get yours for only $49.00 and a free gift and free U.S shipping here!

I hope you all enjoy if you have any troubles let me know ! Happy shopping beauties ! 

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How I Trim my Naturally Curly Hair at Home! 

Hey beauties and welcome back. Today I am bringing to you a hair post all about how I trim my hair without any salon help. I rarely ever trim my hair but since it’s about that time, I thought I would tell you all how I do it. 

I know that trimming your hair is something that we all hate, because it seems as if your taking away from your length. However when you trim your hair it actually helps it grow longer. How? Well because when we don’t take care of things like split ends they begin to rise up and completely damage your entire head of hair. So it’s best to clip dead,damaged,and split ends as soon as you notice them. 

First I like to do my wash day routine which consists of washing, conditioning, and deep conditioning. If anyone wants a more in depth curly hair routine let me know in the comments! I like to make sure my hair is well deep conditioned before trimming because dry ends can look like dead ends and you don’t want to cut off any good hair! After my hair is all washed I like to part it down the middle and put two strand twist all over my head. I make sure to keep the sections pretty even so my cutting can be as  accurate as possible. 

Then I wait until my hair is completely dry before making any cuts. I don’t like to cut my hair while it’s wet because hair tends to look longer when it’s wet. It’s much easier to cut off to much and not realize until your hair is dry. When my hair is dry I go through each twist one by one and look for the damaged hair. These twist make it much easier to see every strand that needs to go! So I simply go through every twist cutting off about 1/2 an inch. 

It’s pretty easy to tell what you need to cut. When your curl starts to go straight or extra frizzy,then you should probably cut that part off. I like to take my time when i do this process so it can be as precise as possible. 

And when in completely done this is all of the hair I cut! Not a lot at all but you can see that it was all clearly damaged! 


 Thank you all go reading and stay tuned for more beauty post from me! 

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Studio 35 Beauty Blending Sponge Review! 

Hey beauties and Happy 4th of July! Today I wanted to talk about a tool that I use to apply my face makeup with everyday. We are talking about the Studio 35 Beauty Blending Sponge!

I remember when I first really started doing makeup I needed brushes, sponges and things to apply my makeup! So I went on the hunt starting at the drugstores. I went into Duane Reade and came across brands like real techniques and Eco Tools and the brushes looked amazing! However, when it comes to foundation and concealer I prefer a sponge over a brush because brushes tend to  leave streaks. As I continued down that aisle I saw a pretty little pink sponge. It looked very similar to the beauty blender which i have never tried. So I got a little curious and bought this one for $7.00.

Let’s start off with the packaging. The packaging isn’t anything fancy at all. It just comes in a clear plastic that you can see the sponge through with the name on the front. I love how I can see the entire product before purchasing it! When you take it out it feels very hard like it impossible to use, but all you have to do is make it wet before using. When you soak this sponge it gets extremely soft and way easier to use. 

I love to use this to blend out my foundation and concealer. It makes my skin look airbrushed giving me a flawless finish! It doesn’t leave any streaks on my makeup. When I’m using this to blend, all of my face makeup is blended perfectly in less than 5 minutes! This sponge is also very very easy to clean! You don’t need a fancy cleaner for this. Some regular soap does the job for this sponge. I LOVE how my skin looks when I apply my face makeup with this sponge! 

Overall: I am in love with this product and it’s only $7.00. I have never tried the beauty blender and I won’t be spending twenty dollars on that now that I have this. 

Thank you all for reading today and have an amazing July 4th! 

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L.A Girl Pro Powder Review ! 

Hey beauties and welcome back to another beauty post. I wanted to give you all a review today on the L.A Girl Pro HD definition setting powder. I saw this powder at my local beauty supply about 2 months ago for only $4.99 and of course I had to give it a try! 

The packaging of this product is great because it’s so small and can fit inside of your purse. It isn’t to fancy though, it’s just small with a black lid and a see through bottom. Inside of the container you get a little patting sponge and of course the powder. The powder is translucent so it doesn’t add any color! The powder comes out through these holes which I love because it prevents  using to much product! The more product you can save the better! 

This product is very finely milled so I don’t have to worry about it being to heavy and caking up! I love when makeup feels light on my skin and this powder does exactly that! This is a good powder to set your under eyes and any other concealer you apply to your face. Since I have oily acne prone skin, I love this even more because it dries out any oils trying to get through my face makeup. 

There is only two downfalls to this product which is the crazy flashback I get on camera and it is so messy! When i use this powder and go on camera it looks like a white cast on my face and that is not cute! Also when I use this powder it gets everywhere! It’s so messy! Those are the only things i find wrong with this product. 

Overall: This product works pretty good and is so lightweight. However if your planning on taking pictures with this, please don’t because it gives you a noticeable flashback! 

Thank you all for reading today and stay tuned for more beauty post from me ! 

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